Thursday, May 21, 2009

T-minus 9 days

Can it really be only nine days away? I feel like there is too much left to be done. Especially after two days of not really accomplishing anything in the way of purging.


This morning I spent another hour in the kids closet. I didn't count exactly what I cleared out, but below is a picture of the pile from this morning. I know, just what everyone wants to see ... piles of garbage bags.

In addition to the clothes and miscellaneous items in the closet, I also started on the toys that are in their bedroom. My son is at preschool this morning, so it was a safe time to start sorting.

Would you believe that I am not even half way through that closet? I have done the top shelf on one side and the floor on the other. There are still stacks of boxes and random items that need to be sorted. Only nine days to go!


  1. You're doing great! That's a lot of stuff. I was just going through my sewing stuff the other day and thinking that it would be kind of nice to have to get rid of everything and start over. :)

  2. You ae busy!!! Hope the yard sale goes well...we actually did really well when we did it last year!

  3. Yes, that IS what I like to see: less junk! Woo hoo!


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