Friday, May 22, 2009

Potato Feast!

Joshua's class spent the month of May exploring potatoes! What fun!

This week they had their big potato feast to celebrate all they have learned.
Here are some pictures from this month.

The kids are checking out the outside texture of a potato.
Joshua is the one in blue and red stripes.

Ms. Bela is cutting open the potato.
Joshua is next to her, in the green.

What does the potato smell like?

Joshua, in the red, is helping prepare the garden area for planting their potatoes.

Joshua taking a swing at the potato pinata.

They are making a big pot of potato stew!

Dancing the Wiggle Hot Potato.

They are stomping their own mashed potato casserole.

Enjoying the fruits of their labor -- the potato feast.
They had mashed potatoes, tater tots, french fries, red potatoes, sweet potatoes, hash browns, and more.

What a wonderful time of learning and fun!
And now Joshua is excited about potatoes.

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