Monday, May 11, 2009

Pool party!

We had some really warm days at the end of April. One day it was in the 90's and we all needed a way to cool down. Our apartment buildings had a spontaneous pool party.

We pulled out our pool, and another family had their pool. And soon there was a full size sprinkler and a spinning Elmo sprinkler running nearby. There were probably about 20 kids who showed up to cool down. It was great fun!

Here are Abigail and Joshua sporting their new swim suits!

Here is Abigail playing at the water table with our downstairs neighbor girl.
They are only two weeks apart in age.

Abigail was fearless in the pool!
Joshua is learning how to smile for the camera.

Here is Joshua playing with one of our neighbors!
These two have been great friends since last summer!

My two cuties! They had such a fun day!

We are all looking forward to warm summer weather and more opportunities to play in the water with friends!

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  1. How fun!! I can't believe how old they all look!


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