Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baby Books

There was no work toward the yard sale today, but I did work on something else! Baby Books!

When we had our son, we were given a baby book that is mostly fill in the blanks and add some pictures. I loved it so much that we got the same book (girl version) when our daughter was born last year. But I have not done as well with her book (something seems to happen with the second child).

Well ... I won a gift certificate to Shutterfly and they offered 25 free prints for mother's day. I decided this was the perfect opportunity to order some prints for my daughter's baby book (and a few more of my son as well). Those pictures arrived today and I was so excited to get started.

Tonight, after the kids were asleep, I pulled out the baby books and added all the pictures! Now both baby books are almost complete.

It didn't help us for the yard sale at all, but it feels really good to know that I caught up on this one project before the books go into storage for the next three years!


  1. Baby steps. :) Hope you have a great day today! I told Ryan that now I will have to just come visit you in Scotland. He thought that was pretty funny. :)

  2. I've been telling myself I need to work on Abby's baby book for months, but just haven't done it. Great decision I made when Abby was born -- bought a calendar that I posted in her room that I recorded all those milesones on. Worked wonderful for the first year, but I have now not recorded anything for the last half year! Plus, I need to transfer from the calendar! UGH! :)

    Maybe you'll inspire me to work on it! :)


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