Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Picture organization...

I was going to participate in Org Junkie's Monthly Organizing Round-Up this month, but couldn't seem to make enough progress. The project for the month of March was Picture Organization.

Digital photography is wonderful and horrible at the same time. I love being able to take a million pictures to capture that perfect look; and I love looking through the pictures before spending money to print them; and I love have the ability to fix red-eye and other picture issues; but I hate the additional effort this new technology requires to get to the final product.

I don't have a problem downloading pictures, and I even have an okay file structure for all the pictures, but I never get around to getting prints of my pictures.

One thing I have decided this month while trying to tackle years worth of pictures ... I am going to start creating photo books that come to me already printed. That may seem horrible to those of you who are wonderful at creating albums, but I really think this will work best for me (plus, I don't have a hair's worth of talent at scrap booking).

Org Junkie shared her system on her latest post Six Steps to Picture Organization. The step that I really need to add is step 2 -- "Copy." I need to start using a "to Print" folder and fill it every time I download pictures. That way I don't have to go back through hundreds of pictures to find the few that I want to print.

How do you organize your photos? And how to you get those digital pictures into albums?

On a side note, do any of you have a good recommendation for printed photo books (without paying an arm and a leg)?


  1. Great article. Good thing you are thinking about photo organization. So many people just pass paper bags of photos to their loved ones as their inheritance!

    I have all of my photos completely organized in the Creative Memories Power Sort Box. It organizes up to 2400 photos in a photo safe box with room on the lid for large photos. It is SO great. You can view it at www.mycmsite.com/marycluley

    Also, for making the digital photo albums, you can go to the same website. Download the FREE Storybook Creator software...then create your book. If you like it, you purchase it. The difference in our books is that it is a sewn binding....a bound book.....excellent quality as you want it to last!

    I hope I have helped you in some way. With every sincere good wish,

  2. Good luck! I've got all of Abby's pictures to do something with.... not sure when I'll tackle that project!

    Snapfish, where I normally print out my pics, has photo albums. Not sure how much they cost really.



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