Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Green Toys"

I just discovered a new toy manufacturer - Green Toys Inc - and it was love at first purchase. I bought a great Tea Set on sale, and now I'm hunting for other products by this great company.

  • American-made - lower transportation costs and green-house gases
  • Eco-friendly - made from recycled milk containers
  • No BPA, phthalates or lead paint - the products pass a plethora of tests
  • Great, quality toys - my kids love them
I have been looking at tea sets for weeks now, but couldn't find anything I liked. The little plastic sets felt too cheap and made me think of the landfill it would eventually occupy. The tin ones were cute, but all I could see was the possible rust (and lead-based paint) if my kids decided to use water in it. And the ceramic ones seemed a little to breakable for my youngsters. I had almost given up hope.

After picking up this set at Target on sale, I did a little more research before handing it over to the kids for play. This is an impressive company that makes a great product. Check it out.

Have you purchased from Green Toys? What do you think about them? Or about recycled toys in general?

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