Monday, March 9, 2009

Obstacle course

The weather was cold and wet last week. We needed something ACTIVE we could do inside. What could be better than an obstacle course.

We started with 10 letters in a bucket. Joshua would pick one out to carry through the course and place in a different bucket at the end. This controls how many times we have to go through the course to deliver all 10 letters to the end. It also forces some fine motor skills by holding a small object in his hand the entire time.

Then on to part one, the stepping "stones."

Next is the step stool. We stepped up and down five times before moving on.
Joshua is reluctantly helping Abigail climb the stool as well.

Joshua is jumping down, ready to move to the next activity in the course...

... the tunnel! This is a favorite for both Joshua and Abigail.

As he emerges from the tunnel, faithful Blueberry horse is waiting for a ride through the kitchen.

Leaving Blueberry in the dining room, Joshua "walks" to the end of the course ... as a bear (or a wheel barrow; he had his choice of either).

Ten times through the obstacle course takes its toll. Joshua rests at the end, before jumping up and asking mommy what's next.

I was surprised how many times children will do the same thing over and over. Abigail loves to follow him around and tries to copy everything he does.

We had so much fun! We'll have to try it again on the next rainy day!


  1. Aren't obstacle courses so much fun? What a great idea!


  2. Thanks for commenting! =) Yes, we did have fun and he keeps asking for more!


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