Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Home Alone!

Darren flew up to Vancouver B.C. today for his annual visit to the Stargate set. This includes visits to Bridge Studios (where Stargate is filmed), some time on the Sanctuary set (Amanda Tapping's new show, a.k.a. Sam Carter), a big StarGate dinner hosted by Darren and David (last year they had over 100 people and several guest appearances by cast and crew), and some time at the Stargate Convention.

He will be interviewing the executive producers of the new show Stargate Universe that is scheduled to air in October. They are being very "hush-hush" about the show, so Darren will not be able to talk with the new cast yet or tour the new set. You'll have to stay tuned to GateWorld.net to find out the latest news!

The kids and I are home alone this week. I'm a little nervous, but lots of friends have offered to watch the kids to give me a break. So, we will survive ... and hopefully find lots of ways to have fun!

Happy Spring!

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