Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blitz-It Friday

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Organized Everyday is hosting a new carnival called Blitz-it Friday.
If you have no idea what a blitz is, read here: the original one hour blitz and staying focused.

This week, I did not have a whole hour to blitz. Instead, I did two 30 minute sessions. I am very pleased with the amount of work I was able to accomplish, in spite of the distractions of kids.

Sorry, no pictures. I forgot about snapping a few shots until I was well into the cleaning.

First 30-minute blitz:
  1. Changed the linens in the kids room
  2. Sorted three loads of laundry and started one
  3. Loaded the dishwasher
  4. Hand-washed the pans
  5. Cleaned the stove
  6. Cleared off and wiped down the counters
  7. Wiped down the cupboards
  8. Changed the sheets in the master bedroom (the timer for the first half-hour beeped while I was finishing up the bed)

Second 30-minute blitz:

  1. Cleaned the bathroom (including the toilet, sink, mirror, shower/tub, sweep & mop floor, changed linens, shake out rug)
  2. Started another load of laundry
  3. Swept and mopped kitchen and dining room floors (the timer beeped while I was finishing up the floors)
I had a few more things on my list to get done, but overall, this was a very successful cleaning session.

Have fun blitzing!


  1. Good work! I did the Blitz today and found it extremely motivating. :)

  2. yeah!!! Fun to start the weekend with a clean house, eh? Have you had a chance to pick up the Organizing book yet? I suppose with two littles, it would be hard to get reading.

  3. You know - I could probably just do the kitchen every week. Last week mine stayed clean for approximately 4.7 minutes! Hope yous lasts longer!


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