Sunday, February 8, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Last week's menu planning went fairly well. I spent less money on food and had an easier time getting dinner on the table. I did end up switching out a few meals because of unforeseen time constraints.

So here is my menu for the week:
  • Monday -- Thai Red Curry, rice, veggies.
  • Tuesday -- Tuna Melts, veggies or green salad.
  • Wednesday -- Chicken and White Bean Chili (crock pot), green salad. We didn't have a chance to try this last week.
  • Thursday -- Nachos, green salad.
  • Friday -- Pav Bhaji (traditional Indian fare), veggies.
  • Saturday -- Taco Bar
  • Sunday -- Kale & Tofu Stew (crock pot). This is a new recipe; I am experimenting with more tofu in my cooking
Happy Monday!


  1. Great menu!! I am not sure if I could do the tofu, curry, or tuna. I guess we don't have much of a taste for those things. Have you always or are you trying to make yourself "branch out"?? (I don't mean for this to sound negative against you...just curious!!)

  2. We are big thai food fans. I'm using a Trader Joe's sauce this week for the curry (making it from scratch never turns out right).

    The tuna is also a regular; my family loves it. I am not a tuna fan, but I do like albacore tuna, so I splurge a little.

    The tofu is new. I have been exploring ways to use it in my cooking for the the health value. It is a less expensive protein, so I use to to make my meat go further.


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