Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let Your Child Soar

Parents (the magazine) recently published a list of their all-time favorite parenting nuggets of advice from their panel of experts. They had 50 items on their list.

I was inspired, for a new year's parenting goal, to work on five of them this year. Here they are, listed in no particular order.

  1. Let Your Child Soar - encourage your toddler's mission to gain independence. Don't do for them what they can (and should be learning to) do for themselves. This is very difficult for me; most of the time it is faster and easier to do it myself.
  2. Schedule Daily Special Time - spend ten or 15 minutes a day alone with your child, no interruptions. I have found alone-time with each child challenging with two kids.
  3. Don't Try to Fix Everything - give your kids a chance to find their own solutions. Now that my kids are old enough to get in each other way, it is difficult to find the balance between letting them resolve their issues, or stepping in. I don't want my son to always be frustrated with his younger sister, but she is here to stay so he needs to learn how to deal with her.
  4. Ask Three You Questions - practice the art of conversation with your children by asking them three "you" questions each day. My son has always struggled with his speech. This is a good way to encourage him to step outside his comfort zone.
  5. Savor the Moments - enjoy it now; this phase will be over far too fast.


  1. This is a great list and I love #2 because I find that I don't do this often enough for my children.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog over the weekend and commenting on my file cabinet makeover. Hope you come back to visit!

  2. Yes, I enjoyed my one-on-one time with my kids today, but it is a challenge to make time for this.

    Thanks for visiting!


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