Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Art Display

When Joshua started creating his masterpieces, I made this great system for displaying the art in our hallway (inspired by our previous downstairs neighbors). However, this poor area has been neglected lately.

I keep adding things, but never taking down the old. It became overly crowded and would no longer "show off" his creations properly. It just looked and felt messy. There were also a few places where the clothes pins had been torn off by an overly excited kid.

Yesterday, I finally tackled the art work....

Here is the display half-way through the project (I forgot to take a before picture). I had already sorted several layers of art by this point.

And here is the after shot!

I filed a few of my favorites from the old artwork (the turkey from thanksgiving that was made using his own hand print, the foot print he made with finger paints, etc.) and recycled the rest (I had to assume that there will be plenty more masterpieces in the future).

I also replaced the missing clothes pins, so now there is maximum display space again. And I spread out his current creations to properly enjoy them before they are replaced by new ones.

For more of this week's tackles, check out Tackle It Tuesday hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom. Yes, once again I am posting this a day late, but at least the work was done on Tuesday.


  1. That looks really nice! I like this idea. Did you glue the clothespins on, or nail them? My kids are constantly churning out "masterpieces". The fridge is no longer a good place for their multiple papers. :)

  2. So, do you use a yard stick that you painted? We currently have a piece of string strung in our entry way with mini-clothspins on it, but it doesn't took too durable...

    We toss Hannah's old artwork. I feel slightly bad when I do (what if she somedays wants a complete collection?) but I know there will always be more tomorrow so...

  3. Yes, I just spray painted four yard sticks then glued clothes pins. I nailed the yard sticks to the wall with finishing nails. It has worked well for us. Sometimes my son walks back and forth telling me about his art.


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