Friday, February 27, 2009

Abigail's Farm Set

Abigail loves to play with magnets on the fridge. So, this was the perfect gift for her for Christmas -- Leap Frog's magnetic farm set

You match up the back and front of the animal to hear a little song and some fun facts about the animal. If you mis-match them, it sings a silly song about the "cow-duck" (or whatever combination you come up with). Joshua loves to mismatch deliberately in order to hear the toy say, "That's silly" -- he loves all things silly.

This wonderful toy also has a little chicken in the loft that will play music whenever you push it. Tonight, everyone was dancing to the little songs while Darren and I were making dinner. It all started when Abigail pushed the chicken and danced to the music. I joined in to encourage her to keep going. Joshua thought that was funny and kept pushing the chicken over and over. Then he convinced Darren to dance with him. So funny! Too bad I didn't catch a picture.

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