Thursday, January 29, 2009

God Made Me!

Joshua received a new Bible for Christmas. He actually picked it out himself in one of the many bookstores we visited on our trip to the NW.

We have been reading it together in the evenings. This is the first time he has been excited about Bible stories. He especially likes the story of Noah and the big boat.

Tonight we read about Adam and Eve again, and about all the animals. We started talking about all that God made. Our conversation went something like this:
Who made Adam?
God did.

Who made Eve?
God did.

Who made the lion?

God did.
God made the zebra.
God made the giraffe.

Who made Joshua?
(pause) Mommy did.
Darren and I laughed. Then we talked about all the things in our daily lives that God made. God made Joshua. God made Abigail. God made Mommy. God made Daddy.

Kids are priceless!

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