Monday, January 19, 2009

Go, Go, Go!

Over Christmas vacation, Abigail began to pull up to a stand and cruise the furniture and walls much more frequently.

When we returned home from our holiday travels, I located Joshua's push-toy from when he was learning to walk and gave it to her to practice walking. She has not stopped using it since!

Abigail loves to give rides to her dolly. She also loads it up with any small toys she comes across on the way to wherever she's going. Today I even found her sippy cup and snack bowl in it.

Joshua became jealous of Abigail's new toy, so I had to quickly put together the little shopping cart he received for Christmas.

Joshua puts such a interesting variety of items in his cart. Sometimes all the matchbox cars get to ride; sometimes it is all the little people. Today it was all the pretend food that he got at the "store" (i.e. the bookshelf where he had lined up all the groceries items in preparation for his shopping trip).

Armed with their new "vehicles", the two of them now race around the apartment, sometimes independently and sometimes chasing each other.

I enjoy hearing Joshua call out, "Abigail go first," as he yields right-of-way when they arrive at the kitchen entrance at the same time. Of coarse, other times he races to beat her around the corner, knocking her "car" out of the way.

They have such a great time. It is the funniest thing to watch!

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  1. Those push toys are the best. Isaiah had one and he used to learn to walk. We saved it for Josiah and he did the same thing. It was so fun to see them cruising around the house. :)


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