Friday, November 7, 2008


Last week when I went to get Abigail up from her nap, she was cheerfully STANDING UP in her crib.

This was her first time pulling up to a stand on her own. She is now so excited and stands up every time she has the chance.

Joshua was a much more cautious baby and was less accident prone. Abigail just launches herself into everything she can, with no regard for her safety. She has had her share of bumps and bruises, but nothing serious.

Joshua has found this new phase very frustrating. He use to put all his toys on the table, so Abigail couldn't reach them. Now she can reach all the table tops.

Oh, the challenges of being a big brother!

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  1. Anna is doing the same thing. She is in to everything. The last several days she has been reaching the light switch while in her crib and turning on the light.

    This picture of Abigail is so cute. I haven't seen her in awhile. It's crazy we live right by each other but don't always see one another.


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