Friday, October 10, 2008

Meal Plan?!?

So, I have been reading about meal plans lately. There are some enthusiastic bloggers who have had great success with this. Some people do a plan each week, some prefer a monthly plan. I have attempted meal plans in the past, and have not been very successful, but the it looks like it is time to try again -- to save money and especially to lower the stress around dinner time.

I am debating between a monthly or weekly plan. Should I just jump off the deep end and tackle the entire month at once? I am going to try one week at a time for a month. Does anyone have some tips for getting started? How do I avoid the pitfalls that have foiled my plans in the past?

Check back in a few weeks to see how it goes!


  1. Hey Christy! This is blog is great!!

    So, I usually do a meal plan for the week. No matter how hard I try, it always seems to change as something comes up. That is why I don't do the whole month thing...I am afraid we wouldn't follow it and it would be frustrating.

    I make our meal list on Wednesday nights and then go shopping on Thursday morning while Kennan is at school. I try to use up things we already have by checking out the pantry and fridge as I am making the list. (We are pretty bad about buying and not using.) Pretty simple, but it works for us!

    A friend from high school just started up a cooking blog and she lists different recipe ideas and her meal plans for the week. You should check it out!!

  2. Thanks! Great tips. I'll check out


  3. I do a weekly meal plan -- I save a lot on groceries because I buy what I need and not just stuff (what my mom did) and I also always check what we have. I don't say what night a meal will be on because that seems too restrictive. We just go with the flow and pick one meal a day from the list.


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