Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Abigail is nine months old!

Can Abigail really be nine months old already? The time has passed so quickly. She turned nine months on October 5. We haven't been to the doctor yet so I don't have a current weight and height, but here is a picture of our little girl at nine months old.

Abigail just cut two more teeth today -- the next two on the bottom. Now she has four on top and four on the bottom.

We have been working on her sleep pattern and have finally established some great habits. She goes to bed at 7pm and sleeps until about 8am; once or twice a week she gets up once in the night to feed. She also takes two naps during the day, two hours each. She is such a good napper!

Abigail is still crawling military style, with her tummy on the ground, but in the last few days she has started to take several "steps'' up on her knees.

She has started babbling more, mostly with 'b' and 'm' -- ba-ba-ba and ma-ba-ma. It is so cute! She especially loves to hold conversations, where we babble back and forth to each other, taking turns.

Abigail is at such a fun stage! I am enjoying my time with her!

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