Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Swimming Class

I decided to take a swimming class with Joshua and Abigail this fall at the local YMCA pool. Abigail's class is on Tuesday mornings while Joshua is at school. And Joshua's class is on Saturday mornings when Darren can be home with Abigail.

Today was Abigail's first time in the big pool. She did really well and loved splashing around, at least for a little while. She seemed to get cold about half way through the lesson and started fussing, but she was able to finish the class session.

I have never done anything like this with little kids. We had a one-on-one lesson, because no one else showed up. The teacher did a nice job getting her to kick and splash. She didn't like floating on her back, but eventually relaxed enough to enjoy it.

It was a fun lesson! Hopefully a few more people will join next week, or they may have to cancel this class. But at least we had one day of fun.


  1. It is nice that you can take each kid separately and have a little one on one time. Kennan is just now getting used to the water so we will have to do swim lessons next summer!

  2. In a way I bet you miss the Lake where we all grew up.

    ~Cousin Jon


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