Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"I'm a Promise"

Joshua opened a new VeggieTales Sing Along CD today (More Sunday Morning Songs). One of the songs on this CD is "I'm a Promise." Although I knew that song was on it, I was caught by surprise. And it made me smile.

When I was a kid (I couldn't have been more than ten years old), my older sister and I spent a few weeks with my grandparents in Idaho one summer. Whenever we would ride in the car, we would ask to listen to grandma's 8-track with that very song on it. In grandma's car was the only time we ever heard that song, but I always loved it.

It was just fun to have my own little kids listen to a song I loved as a child and had such wonderful memories surrounding it.

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  1. thank you for all the beautiful "snippits" of the lives of my grandbabies. I love every tidbit you share, Christy!

    Love Mom and Harley


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