Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Please Touch Museum

On Saturday Darren and I loaded up the kids and drove down to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia for a day of fun.

The Please Touch Museum is all about learning through exploration. They have several exhibits that bring popular children's books to life -- like Alice in Wonderland and Where the Wild Things Are.

Joshua enjoyed the tree house. He got his own bucket of tools and helped put up siding and paint.

He also enjoyed the transportation area, where he got to drive a truck and ring the bell on a bus.

Abigail laughed and waved her arms and legs furiously in the mirror room.

Barnyard babies was the favorite destination. Both Joshua and Abigail liked this room the most.

They had a padded corner where Abigail could roll around and a wall of shapes to explore -- the bumblebee was her favorite.

Joshua loved all the animals, especially the chickens that would move when you fed them.

We had a great day! Both kids were exhausted and fell asleep as soon as they were in bed.

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  1. How fun! Wish we would have gone there! And I can't believe how big Abigail is getting!


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