Thursday, August 21, 2008

Curious Joshua Makes Pancakes

One of Joshua's favorite books lately is Curious George Makes Pancakes. We decided it was time Joshua learned to enjoy pancakes (until today he has completely refused to eat them) and making them for himself sounded like the perfect motivation. It also helped to remind him about Curious George.

Joshua climbed up on his "helper's" stool and prepared to make some Banana-Tofu Pancakes. He got to cut up his own banana and tofu, then popped the pieces into the blender. This was his first time turning on the blender and it scared him a little at first.

Next we got out the mixing bowl and measuring cups and all the ingredients. It was definitely the messiest pancakes I've ever made, but it was worth it. His favorite part of mixing was poking the egg once it was in the bowl.

He watched excitedly as I poured onto the pan the little round circles that would become our pancakes. He soon tired of watching, however, and just wanted to eat. He spread a little butter and applesauce on his big pancake and quickly ate the entire thing, only taking a few breaks for a drink of milk!

What great fun we had learning to eat a new food!
(I wish I had pictures, but a friend was borrowing the camera today)


  1. Bannana-Tofu Pancakes?
    Topped off with butter and applesauce?
    Not a combination I would have chose.

    I am very surprised he ate it!

    ~Cousin Jon

  2. It wasn't as weird as it sounds! There wasn't much banana or tofu in it, hardly enough to change the flavor at all. Those were added more for the fun in the prep work.

    Thanks for commenting! It is always nice to know people are reading!


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