Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth of July

On the Fourth of July we drove out to a local, family-owned orchard for the first time. Check out Terhune Orchards online for more about this great farm.

They have big pick-your-own crops of fruit all summer, and into the fall with pumpkins and apples. We didn't have time to pick anything for ourselves with two kids in tow.

We did pick up some fresh blueberries in the little store, along with come super-fresh veggies.

They also have a cut-your-own flower garden as well; we took home a nice bouquet.

They have a little area with toy tractors to ride -- this was a big hit with Joshua. There are also a few old tractors set up for kids to climb on.

The farm has a few animals that they allow people to pet. Joshua was fascinated and a little scared to see all the animals in real life. He enjoyed the horse, the goats and the sheep (although the sheep wouldn't come close enough to pet).

The chickens and ducks were a little too boring to keep his attention, but he loved the Guinea Hens that were running loose because he could chase them.

We did catch some fireworks at the County Park on July 5. They put on a big event with music and all the fried food you could want. We hid in the car during a passing thunder storm, but were able to get out and enjoy the fireworks display. Joshua was a little scared of the loud booming, but talked about the display for days afterward.

What a fun weekend!

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  1. Terhune was one of our favorite places to go--we would go for just an hour, get some cider slushy and call it a fun morning. I'm glad you discovered it!


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