Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jagow Award in Preaching

Darren was honored this weekend with the Jagow Award in Preaching. We were invited to attend the Commencement Breakfast with the president of Princeton Theological Seminary, where the awards and scholarship checks were presented.

Mr. Charles H. Jagow had a lifelong interest in preaching and communication. He believed that teaching and training for "good preaching and good delivery" encouraged sharper skills for worship. The Jagow Family Fund was established in 1977 through his generosity. A portion of the income from this endowment provides annually two prizes to be awarded to those students who during the year have made the greatest progress or displayed outstanding achievement in preaching or speech. The recipients of this award were chosen by the faculty of the speech and preaching department.

Darren was chosen for his sermon titled God and Country based on the text from 1 Peter 2:9-17. This sermon was delivered in class, with very positive feedback from his classmates and especially his preceptor.

Congratulations, Darren!

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