Saturday, January 26, 2008

Three weeks old...

Has it really been three weeks since our little girl was born? It has flown by so quickly.

We are all doing well. Tomorrow Darren will be finishing his last paper from winter semester. He is looking forward to the new semester that begins on January 28.

Joshua is adjusting well to life as a big brother. Every morning he calls out her name and has to go see her, even if she is sleeping. Darren and I are learning how to balance giving him enough attention and teaching him to be patient.

Abigail has been wonderful. She still has her days and nights upside down, but it is slowly getting better. Her weight is back up above her birth weight and she is doing very well.

I am feeling a little sleep-deprived, but doing well. It is taking time to learn how to balance the care of my little ones with caring for myself. We also need to figure out how to better manage our schedule, so they don't both need to eat at the same time.

In spite of the exhaustion, we are very happy and thankful for our sweet little kids, Joshua and Abigail. God is good!

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