Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Eggs, Eggs Everywhere!

The other day Joshua and I made a trip to the store and brought home lots of groceries to put away. Joshua was working on the canned foods -- thought they rarely make it into the cupboards, he does organize them nicely on the kitchen floor -- while I put away the produce.

I closed the refrigerator and turned to start on the next bag of food when I realized Joshua had moved on from the cans and had located the carton of eggs. You can imagine how much fun an two year old can have with a dozen eggs.

He had managed to shatter at least half a dozen all over the kitchen cabinets and floor. I quickly scooped him up to remove him from the 'fun', only to realize too late that he had also sat on an egg. Now the egg dripping from his pants was spread through the dining room and all over me. Oh what fun!

He just smiled so innocently at me! I can't help but laugh as I remember that look on his face. He quickly wiped his hands in his hair and then held them up for me to clean. Too bad I jumped into clean up mode before I even thought of grabbing the camera.

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