Friday, November 23, 2007


There is so much to be thankful for this year -- my wonderful hubby, my amazing son, our great church, God's provisions and, of coarse, our little girl coming soon in January.

What a beautiful day! Thanksgiving was amazingly warm here. We went outside to enjoy the leaves falling from the trees. It started to sprinkle as we headed inside to our dinner; we made it in just before the storm hit and the downpour started.

It was a quite weekend for us, just the three of us. We had a nice feast, with all the fixings (thought I didn't cook a whole turkey, just a little breast). We did a little shopping, watched a few movies and enjoyed some great down-time together.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cold November Day

Today is a cold November day -- rainy and dreary. It's the perfect type of day to curl up under a blanket with a good book. Nothing much is happening. Joshua is taking a nap (or suppose to be, though I just heard him talking to his teddy bear). I am thinking about laying down for a little while myself.

Everything is going well in our day to day lives. Joshua is finally putting on weight. He is actually on the growth charts for the first time since he was born. He is still not chubby by any means, but he is growing.

The only big concern we have is Joshua's speech. He really only has about four words he can say. We have requested a speech evaluation for him, so hopefully he will be able to start speech therapy in the next month or two.

Joshua is still enjoying preschool. He gets so excited whenever we drive up to the building. They told me today that he was squealing with delight during their different activity times (normally he is almost silent while he is there). Today he brought home a little paper turkey he made, and a finger-painting picture he did last week.

Our soon-expected baby girl is growing well. We had a little concern last month because my measurements were falling behind as they did with Joshua, but over the last few weeks those measurements seem to have caught up. They are keeping a close eye on things, but so far everything in this pregnancy is going very well.

Darren is keeping busy with school. He has gotten past midterms and is now looking toward all his final papers. The baby is due during finals week, so he is working to get a little ahead.

He is enjoying his Field Education placement at First Presbyterian Church of Hamilton Square. He is teaching his first Sunday School class on the work of Christ (and doing very well at it, I might add). And this Sunday will be his first opportunity to preach in church.

My days are mostly filled with Joshua, taking care of the house and running the accounting side of Darren's web business. It keeps me busy, especially these days when house work seems to take much longer than it use to. Most days I try to fit in a little nap, otherwise I am completely exhausted by the time Darren gets home in the evenings.

So, things are going well. We are looking forward to a quiet Thanksgiving at home, a little time to relax together. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. And drop us a note when you get a chance.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Joshua dressed up like a monkey for his Halloween party this year. We practiced making monkey noises for weeks, but the day of the party he refused to make a sound. Oh well, he still made a cute monkey.

Every year the preschool has a Halloween parade for the little kids. They all get dressed up and walk around the apartment complex. It was so cute to watch. Joshua's class rode in the buggy.

I included a picture of the little pumpkin Joshua carved with his Developmental Therapist. They also decorated a pumpkin at preschool.

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