Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Joshua walks!

Joshua has been really working on his walking skills, with the help of his occupational therapist. Well, today he finally figured out that he can walk on his own. He walked across the room to me several times and was so thrilled. He is still not convinced that he wants to do this all the time, but that will come soon.

We are so excited by his progress. Today we met his new occupational therapist, Bridget (his previous O.T. recently got another job). He warmed up to her very quickly and was quite responsive to her encouragement. I'm not sure how she did it, but she had him walking on his own before she left.

So, we enter a new phase of parenthood. We better finish all that childproofing we've been procrastinating!


  1. Yippee!! That's so exciting! Thanks for sharing. Love, Amy

    I have been watching this blog off and on some time hoping and praying for great news... My family will be happy to hear all the new delevopments towards the positive.

    ~Cousin Jon

  3. Yeah for Joshua! Christy, I read your blog from Kristina's every once in awhile. Sorry I am just now commenting!
    Jennifer Rigoulot

  4. That is GREAT news! Though I'll be in Scotland until next summer, I am very excited for you both and look forward to hearing more about the childproofing, baby prep and all that! Blessings! Erin


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