Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Deutsche Sprache, Schwere Sprache

On Wednesday last week I sat down at a big table in a quiet little corner room squarely in the middle of the Princeton University campus, and took my 2-hour German final exam. It was a thing to behold, for sure. Nine days earlier I had taken the practice exam for our 6-week intensive summer course, and failed miserably.

At least it had taught me that I had been studying all the wrong things. After digging in for the next week, I managed to get a decent hold on the language and (thanks to my speedy electronic dictionary) passed the exam.

Not only am I finally free to enjoy a little summer vacation, but that's one more big step toward applying to Ph.D. programs next year. One of my main goals for our three years in Princeton is to get my languages done -- Greek, Latin, German, and possibly French, depending on where I end up attending -- and as of last week I have two down! I will be taking Latin at the university during the upcoming school year, and I'm looking forward to spending more time with it rather than doing a summer intensive.

This fall also brings me to the first of two field education internships. I will be serving from September to May at Hamilton Square Presbyterian Church, a relatively small and active congregation about 15 minutes drive from Princeton. I will have the chance to participate in leading worship and to preach at least four times, but my position will focus mainly on teaching adult education classes. It's very exciting and not a little bit terrifying; teaching may be what I want to do with the rest of my life, and this will be an important time to determine whether or not I like it and am any good at it.

But now, I rest ...

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