Friday, June 22, 2007

Update from Pediatrician

I had a conversation with Joshua's pediatrician today. She received the lab results from the blood work. Everything looked completely normal. There were no indications that Joshua has anything medically wrong.

She asked that we bring a copy of the lab results to the G.I. doctor when we see him in August.

So, I guess this is good news. I'm relieved that they didn't find anything seriously wrong, but it means we still have no idea how to fix this weight issue.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Early Intervention - meeting #2

Darren and I met with the Early Intervention Service Coordinator. They are recommending that we have an Occupational Therapist once a week to work on feeding and speech, and a Physical therapist once a week to work on gross and fine motor skills. They will be contacting us in the next two weeks to set up our regular meeting times.

We don't know yet what our cost share will be. Our financial situation was too complex for the Service Coordinator to determine. They will send our info to the state and hopefully have a response within a week.

In addition to their play therapy with Joshua, Early Intervention is really focused on teaching parents what they can do to help their child's development. Darren and I have a summer of learning ahead of us.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

18 month appointment

Joshua had his 18 month doctor's appointment today. It was a little bit discouraging. Over the last two months he lost 3 ounces instead of gaining the couple pounds we were hoping for.

The doctor ordered a bunch of lab work. He had to get blood drawn. This was probably more distressing for me than for Joshua. He is such a trooper.

Our pediatrician has asked that we set up appointments with the G.I. team and the feeding team with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. The G.I. appointment is set up for mid-August. The feeding team should be setting up an appointment with us in the next two weeks.

Please keep praying for our little boy.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

"Early Intervention"

Joshua received a visit this morning from a speech therapist and a physical therapist who work with the state's Early Intervention program. Our pediatrician recommended us to the program because of Joshua's delay in walking and speaking. They came to our home to evaluate Joshua's development level and his eligibility for the program.

At the end of two playful hours, they sat down and went over the results with us. Joshua does qualify for early intervention. He is lagging most significantly in his communication skills, especially speech. He is also behind in his gross motor skills, like walking, and in his fine motor skills, mostly related to his eating.

The first recommendation was to give Joshua a complete nutritional evaluation, including a visit with a gastrointestinal doctor, to determine if there may be a problem. They physical therapist noticed several factors that normally point to a G.I. issue. We will need to receive a referral from the pediatrician for this appointment (our next appointment is in two weeks).

In two weeks, we will meet with a service coordinator from Early Intervention to devise a six month strategy for Joshua (and to discuss all the financials). The standard plan includes a therapist coming to the home once a week, working with Joshua and teaching Darren and I howo to help Joshua during the week.

Overall, the evaluation went well, but I was a little discouraged that Joshua has fallen so far behind in so many areas. I am just thankful that we will receive the support to learn how to help him.

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