Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The New Semester

Darren has started his new semester and things are busier than ever. He is taking Systematic Theology, The Lord's Supper, Galatians, Christianity in Alexandria and Egypt, Speech, and Paul & Karl. The last class is probably his favorite. It is about the theology of Paul the Apostle and Karl Barth, focusing on the book of Romans. Sound exciting? Ask Darren about it sometime.

I am still working three afternoons a week at Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart. It is enjoyable, though it has been a little more stressful to juggle Joshua's care with Darren's increased work load this semester.

Joshua is growing each day. His first word was 'Dada' and he added 'Mama' not long after. He is still content to crawl everywhere, though he is spending more time cruising along furniture and walls. I'm not in a hurry for him to start walking -- this way it feels like he is still my baby and not yet a toddler. Joshua now has 15 teeth; I noticed three more today.

I'd love to hear how life is on your side of the world.

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