Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Happy Birthday, Joshua!

Joshua turned one year old today! I cannot believe how quickly this year has passed.

We had a small family party for him, to celebrate this milestone. He had his first taste of cupcakes, although I couldn't convince myself to give him the sugar-loaded frosting. Instead, I made fresh whipped cream with no sugar added. He loved it!

At one year old, Joshua has grown to 29 inches tall and weighs 17 pounds eight ounces -- that's quite a big increase from 17 inches tall and only four pounds two ounces in weight.

He has eight teeth, but another one will be poking through any day now. He is agressively crawling and working on his standing skills. I know he is not far from walking.

He loves the swing-set at the playground near us. They have infant swings made just for little guys like him. He laughs and screams with glee whenever we have a chance to go out and swing. He is also fond of playing in the fallen leaves.

Happy Birthday, Joshua!

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