Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Letter

Grace to you, and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ! God has brought such amazing change to our lives in 2006, and we would like to share it with you.

This has been an incredible first year as parents. Joshua is a constant delight and blessing to us. We could not have imagined how much he would teach us and shape us. Joshua turned one year old on December 5 and has grown from a tiny baby into an energetic little boy, who is crawling and getting into everything he can reach. He pulls himself to a standing position and we know it is only a matter of time before he is walking. Joshua is already sporting nine teeth and working on another one.

As many of you know, Darren was accepted to the Master of Divinity program at Princeton Theological Seminary. In June we sold our house in Nashville, quit our long-time jobs at Big Idea, and moved to New Jersey. It was difficult to say goodbye to Big Idea after seven years there (eight for Darren), but we felt God moving us on to new things. We are settling into our new life in married student housing.

Darren completed his M.A. in Systematic and Historical Theology at Wheaton College this spring, and started the PTS program in July with summer Greek. It is a subject he has wanted to take for years, and he loved every minute of it. In September, Darren made the transition back to full-time student. Although the work load is intensive, he is studying the subjects he loves. His favorite class this semester is atonement theology, with noted theologian Dr. Bruce McCormack.

Since our move to Princeton, Christy has had the pleasure of transitioning to full-time mommy, a role she is thoroughly enjoying. She and Joshua attend a mommy-baby group each week, where we are able to connect with others in our community. She is also working three days per week at a Catholic boy’s school, helping out with their after-school program. It has definitely given her a new perspective and appreciation for her role as mother of a little boy.

We pray this Christmas season that you are strengthened in the hope given us by the gospel: Even while we were His enemies, God drew near to us, reconciling us to Himself in the life of Jesus.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Happy Birthday, Joshua!

Joshua turned one year old today! I cannot believe how quickly this year has passed.

We had a small family party for him, to celebrate this milestone. He had his first taste of cupcakes, although I couldn't convince myself to give him the sugar-loaded frosting. Instead, I made fresh whipped cream with no sugar added. He loved it!

At one year old, Joshua has grown to 29 inches tall and weighs 17 pounds eight ounces -- that's quite a big increase from 17 inches tall and only four pounds two ounces in weight.

He has eight teeth, but another one will be poking through any day now. He is agressively crawling and working on his standing skills. I know he is not far from walking.

He loves the swing-set at the playground near us. They have infant swings made just for little guys like him. He laughs and screams with glee whenever we have a chance to go out and swing. He is also fond of playing in the fallen leaves.

Happy Birthday, Joshua!

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