Sunday, October 8, 2006

Joshua is 10 months old!

Joshua just celebrated his ten-month birthday. Here are some pictures of him from this summer.

At his last check-up, he weighed 15 pounds nine ounces. Although he didn't gain as much weight as we were hoping, he did grow two and a half inches taller over the summer to 28 and a quarter inches tall.

He is now sporting five teeth, with another one on the way. He loves chewing (actually mostly gumming) new foods and textures. This week he tried a fresh pear for the first time and seemed to enjoy it. String cheese, though, remains his favorite new food.

Every day he becomes more mobile. He is now so efficient at his tummy scoot that he hardly has motivation to learn to crawl.

A few weeks ago he learned how to sit up from a tummy position and loves the new power it has given him.

Currently his favorite activity is jumping -- in his jumper or on any volunteer's lap.

He is still very sweet, and we so enjoy watching as he explores the world around him and discovers all the new things he can do!

Settling in...

I can hardly believe we have been in Princeton for over three months now. The time has passed so quickly. We are settling in and trying to establish a routine. The apartment is unpacked, except for those one or two boxes that continue to haunt us.

Darren is now starting his fourth week of the fall term, having completed Greek this summer. He has a full load, but is enjoying it. I can hardly believe the reading load they expect for each class -- and the number of books he had to purchase. I always love it when we have the chance to talk about what he is learning, and I know there will be ample opportunity in the coming years.

I have the pleasure of spending most of my time as an at-home mommy, though I am also working about 9 hours a week with the after school program at a Catholic boy's school. I mostly play with the kids on the playground, pushing swings or playing soccer. It has been an eye-opening experience; I have a much better idea of what is in store for me as the mother of an energetic little boy.

Our one prayer request is that God will lead us to a church home. That has been our one frustration. It is always hard to find a new place to worship and grow. But the seminary community has been wonderful, and it is a comfort to be surrounded by such loving people.

Keep in touch! And may the grace of God be with each of you.

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