Sunday, June 4, 2006

Getting Ready to Move

Our house is officially on the market. Check out for photos! (See if you can find Jaffa the cat!)

It's been a week and we have had a dozen or so showings, but no offers yet. Our last house (in Chicago) sold in a day -- obviously that's the exception to the rule, but we have to get used to the fact that (like everything else down here) the market is very slow and relaxed. Going a day or two with no showings isn't at all unusual. We've had one potential buyer (who came today, in fact) say that if our house is still available once theirs is under contract and they are ready to buy, they'll want to take a second look and may make an offer. That's an encouraging nibble.

Joshua celebrates his six-month birthday tomorrow (Monday)! He's bigger every day, and more mobile. He's rolling over by himself quite a lot now, and smiling and laughing. He's so laid back -- we can take him anywhere and do just about anything, and he just goes along for the ride and sees the sights. Most people are amazed when we tell them that he's always like this.

So the house is more spin-&-span than it has ever been, and I'm enjoying the order of it all (while it lasts). After we have a contract (or mid-June, whichever comes first) the boxes will come out and the packing will begin, as we are aiming to load the truck on July 4 and hit the road to Princeton on the 5th.

I received my initial info packet on summer Greek the other day. A nice expensive book or two to buy, and I need to memorize the Greek alphabet before the first day of class. Off I go!

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