Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Big Baby

Joshua visited the church nursery for the first time this week, and compared to those other kids he's still a little shrimp! No matter. He's still getting bigger and bigger every day. Today he weighed in at 12 pounds 14 ounces. He's rolling over now (though only when he wants to, and not so much when Mom tries to coax him to), and laughs a lot. He loves it when he can get grown-us to pay him lots of attention, which is no problem at all with a face like that.

We've decided to go ahead and sell our house rather than trying to rent it, so the fun of getting it cleaned up and put on the market has begun. We hope to have it listed in two weeks or less. We've been doing lots of clearing out; we'll experience the joys of our first garage sale soon; and Christy is making drapes. Wow, this place is going to look so good I'm going to want to buy it.

A week ago Sunday I finally finished my last paper for Wheaton College, a whopping 50 pages on Calvin's view of the doctrine of the atonement. It's a great weight off to have it done. There is a brief respite before we move to New Jersey in two months, and I start an 8-week Greek intensive. That leads into early September, when I'll have another three weeks off before the fall semester at Princeton Seminary officially begins. As a Junior (that's what they call newbies) I'll be in mostly required courses -- intro to the Old Testament, church history, Hebrew, and speech comunications. I can try to opt out of some of the basic courses because of the studying I've already done in those areas, but I suspect that the church history sequence may be the only one I may be able to (or ought to try to) get out of.

Meanwhile, we're both trying to wrap things up at work. Christy is trying to finish up her projects while they hire her replacement. My replacement has been hired and starts next Monday. Most of what I have to do is train him, and help ramp up on the BigIdea.com relaunch.

But I know what you want. More baby pictures are coming soon! Joshua had his first studio shoot while he was in Washington in March, and last week he had a photo shoot with Mommy. Lots of cute stuff.

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