Sunday, April 9, 2006

Joshua at Three Months

Joshua just celebrated his four-month birthday, actually, but here are pictures of him from March.

He's a happy and healthy baby, now weighing in at 11 pounds 8 ounces and standing 24 inches tall. This week he started on rice cereal in addition to his formula. He ate with a spoon remarkably well, so we think he'll enjoy taking to solid food down the road. He's not so fond of formula, and is now giving Mom and Dad a hard time whenever it's time to sit down and eat.

On April 2 Joshua was dedicated at church by our pastor, who happens to be Darren's childhood pastor. It was a great blessing to be there with Pastor Henecke as he prayed over our son before the assembled church, and we pledged to raise him in a home where Christ is visible. He got lots of ooh and ahhs from the ladies, thanks especially to his sharp theologian's outfit with the bowtie (courtesy of Aunt Carol). Pictures coming soon!

Christy is back to work half-time, and of course she spends those hours at work craving to be home with the kid. Darren is working part-time on a freelance basis, but backing off a bit this month to finally get his last paper done to finish his degree. (Please, let it be done!)

This summer draws nearer, as we prepare to move to Princeton, New Jersey. Class starts on July 10, and it looks like we may not have much notice as to when our apartment will become available. The worst case scenario is that Darren may have to go up and stay in the dorms by himself for a few weeks before we have a place to move to.

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