Monday, January 30, 2006

January Update


Here's a quick update! Why has it been seven weeks since we posted anything? You try bringing home your first newborn, then having family around for Christmas, then going back to work, then having more family, then buying a car and working on a paper, then having more family.

Joshua is doing terrific. He's growing and gaining weight -- probably well over 7 pounds now, though he hasn't been weighed for a few weeks. That thin little boy is chunking up nicely, now with pudgy cheeks and even a bit of a double chin. He is also maturing, and just last week started smiling. Not the gassy, involuntary mouth spasms -- honest to goodness smiling.

His favorite hobbies still include eating, burping, and hanging out with Mom and Dad. He's not as keen on sleeping these days, but he gets the job done.

Darren is back to working half-time and trying to make progress on his thesis, with the winter goals now pushed back to spring. Christy is entering her final month of maternity leave, and we are both trying to figure out what this will all look like a month from now.

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