Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Baby Update - Week 18

I'm at this awkward stage of pregnancy where my old clothes don't fit, but all the maternity clothes are too big (and look quite silly). What a frustrating place to be.

We just started week 18 today. The doctor said I should feel the baby move any day now. Occasionally, I think I feel something, but I just write it off to hopeful thinking. Our baby is growing and has a strong heartbeat of 150 bpm.

Next Wednesday we go in for an ultrasound ... and yes, we are going to find out the gender (as long as the baby cooperates).

I am starting to feel better, as we get further into the second trimester. Nausea still hits me in the evenings, but it's not as debilitating. I still don't have much energy -- work drains me before I ever make it home at night. But my hubby is taking good care of me, so the world is a very happy place.

We excitedly await this next phase in life and are so thankful for God's goodness. We struggled learning to wait for His timing, but He is ALWAYS faithful.

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