Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Top Baby Names

Let the guessing begin! Only two or three people have been told our almost-decided baby names, and they have been sworn to secrecy on penalty of caning. Our intended formula is: [Bible name] [Family name] [Surname]

But now the Social Security Administration has a nifty searchable database of the most popular baby names over the last several decades. Interestingly, my name has been steadily waning in popularity since it was given to me: Darren ranked in 147th place for male baby names in 1976, and steadily climbed to 334 in 2004.

Christina is still a happenin' #123 for female babies last year, down from an impressive #14 in 1976.

Visit the SSA site to see the top 10 baby names of the last year, and to search for your own name. You can also see the most popular names by year, by decade, or by state! Post your current name ranking in the comments thread.

(Hat tip: Rebecca Writes)


  1. "Steve" at 501, but my more official "Steven" clocks in a 77

  2. My first thought was Joseph Oliver Sumner, but then I checked the popularity and it may be too mainstream. (You could call him Joss for a nickname)

  3. Yeah... #4 baby! And #10 in 73. I must be one of the few priviledged... but I don't want to be caned so... my lips are sealed.


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