Sunday, December 11, 2005

Joshua's First Week

... And what a week it's been! Joshua is doing great, and is now above his birth weight. He is eating more and more, and learning those skills we all take for granted (like breathing in between swallows!). Christy came home from the hospital on Wednesday, and we have been visiting him every day since. His IV was taken out on Saturday, and he came out of the incubator and into a normal crib the next Tuesday, December 13.

On with the pictures! The newest photos are at the top, so scroll down and work your way up if you want to see them chronologically.

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December 8
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Blue Shirt
December 13

DAY SEVEN - December 11 & 12

DAY SIX - December 10

DAY FIVE - December 9

DAY FOUR - December 8

DAY THREE - December 7

DAY TWO - December 6

DAY ONE - December 5

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